Monday, March 22, 2010

Home Sweet Home

I made it home successfully and safely from Nebraska. I learned a few things: Driving half way across the U.S. by myself isn't impossible, whoever invented cruise control is a genius, whoever invented 5-hr Energy is an even a bigger genius, and make sure you spend some extra time researching the hotel you plan to stay at to break up your 2-day drive.

Nebraska was incredible! It was so great to see family, friends, and be able to work from the office for two weeks!! Really miss seeing my co-workers in person on a daily basis. However, I was excited to get home and see Mike & Boulevard and return to my normal life.

The hotel experience on the way back home ~ First of all, I arrived to the hotel around 10pm and everything looks worse when it's dark and there's very few people around. Then, it ended up being a motel, not a hotel...if your definition is the same as mine, a motel means the doors to the rooms are to the outside, not within the building like a hotel. Kind of freaky when you are staying by yourself. Then I get a room, enter the room with my bag and Stuart and the lights won't turn on. I tried every switch and tried the TV. Then I picked up the hotel phone to call the front desk and that was also dead...(is this beginning to sound like a horror movie?). I call the hotel on my cell and she saw that the room was on the maintenance list and she was bringing up keys to a new room. Got my new room, then I decided I was going to starve myself because I didn't want to leave my room since I was by myself, then decided I didn't want to order delivery because I didn't want anyone to know I was staying by myself.(there's so many crazy people out there, you just never know and can never be too cautious) Then someone decided to run back and forth in front of my room periodically throughout the night and Stuart felt he needed to bark EVERY time that happened. Needless to say, I got little sleep and was checked out by 7:30am on Saturday morning, arriving home safely at 1:15pm.

This is what Mike did while I was away.(see pic below) He showed me the collage online before be bought it and I approved...then not only did he hang it, he ordered pictures and put them in the frames. Now we actually have wedding photos on display. But I'm already bugging him to adjust the 'Laugh' frame to be higher to even out the collage and maybe put the 'LOVE' verbiage on the top. Then there is an additional frame he didn't hang that will fit under the 'laugh 'frame in between the furnace thingy and the edge of the wall. He did a great job and it was fun to come home and see the pictures he picked out! Love you're so thoughtful!