Sunday, March 10, 2013

a special milestone

Well...I never intended to ignore this blog after I started my other blog but I've been spending quite a bit of time writing for that blog.  I actually have an "exciting thing" happening for that blog's that for a teaser?...stay tuned!

Aside from a fitness focus in my life, I did cross a milestone.  I crossed my 10 year anniversary with my company in February.  Can you believe it?  10 years at one company and over 4 years working from home?  Honestly, my company has been so good to me...I've had many opportunities and have advanced within the company.  I'm really enjoying my current job and the exciting things on my development plan for 2013!  :)  It's weird to think that my initial job was supposed to be about 6 months and then I was going to go to law school...LOL...that obviously didn't happen.  God works in mysterious ways!(or not that mysterious)  Similar to some of your experiences probably, I've had real low times and I've had real high times at my company.  I'm in a super place right now!

With each milestone anniversary, my company lets you pick out a gift.  I debated between practical or sentimental and went with sentimental.  I went with my very first Tiffany necklace!  I was so excited when I received it.  Each time I look at it, it'll remind me of my 10 year milestone.  Since this was my first, and likely last, Tiffany necklace I'll ever receive I decided to document my reveal.  I'm loving it!

P.S. Mike said he's going to steal the box if he ever buys any jewelry for me in the future...sorry buddy...I'm on to you now.  You can't fool me!