Wednesday, December 19, 2012

a new favorite song

I was in Nebraska for a few weeks in November and my Mom, sister, & sister-in-law went shopping on  Thanksgiving night, aka Turquoise Thursday.(Lori says it's going to catch on so just go with it)  :)

I was not really in the market for anything specific but I did browse the $5 CD bin to see what they had.  One of the CD's I ended up purchasing was Carrie Underwood's Blown Away album.

Since I had a 13 hr drive home that Sunday, I popped in the CD and found a new favorite song.  It really touched me at that moment because I had just been home to Nebraska and needed that trip desparately because I was pretty homesick.  Although Lincoln wasn't my home growing up, the message holds true for me when I think about my amazing family and friends still in my life in Nebraska.  Even when I cross the NE/KS border into NE, my heart gets so excited even though I have a few hours left of my journey.

I hope it touches you like it did to me.  It's worth a listen.

"Thank God for Hometowns"

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Cookie disaster to cookie victorious!!

I joined Pinterest a few weeks ago(follow me at kirstcarpenter) and am really enjoying it.  It seems like a "good" waste of my time, unlike facebook, and is starting to spark a sort-of-creative-kirsten.  :)

I've been baking since last weekend with recipes found on pinterest.  On Tuesday, I had book club and we were also doing a cookie exchange so I wanted to make these for book club(and I even doubled the recipe).  Unfortunately I had a cookie disaster.  I think it was due to my desire to use oat flour instead of worthless white all-purpose flour...can't blame me for trying to make it a little healthier.  But these were pretty yummy even though they look terrible.

I baked about 1/2 of the batter, shed some tears, then tried the next recipe(that didn't need flour), & had success.  I took the Andes Mint cookies to book club and then made the other two kinds this weekend after getting yucky white flour.  You can find all the recipes here.

Although devoid of anything remotely healthy, they all are quite tasty and I plan to freeze some so I do not continue to eat cookies for breakfast, lunch, & dinner.  Ooopsies!  Festive, right?

Mike and I attempted to go snow shoeing this week since Santa Fe got snow last weekend(Yes - for the billionth time, Santa Fe DOES get snow and has all four seasons - don't compare Santa Fe to Phoenix weather - not even close!) but the snow wasn't quite ready for snow shoes so we went on a nice calm & quiet hike.  The big pups were in heaven...Stuart stayed home for obvious reasons.

And for your entertainment, a short video of our happy(and apparently thirsty) pups! (FYI-video is not viewable on an iPad I don't think)
OK - technical difficulties w/ the video and don't have the patience to deal with it today.  Sorry!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Here's a few workouts for you

I know I probably have more important things to blog about right now but I have a shoulder, bi's/tri's, & leg/glute workout that I'm loving right now so wanted to share.  Maybe this weekend I'll get pictures of my trip to the Philippines & our Mediterranean cruise posted.

All these workouts leave me completely pooped by the end of the 45 minutes.  I've added the weights that I use...maybe in the future, I'll be able to look back to this post and see my progress.  All are 3 sets of 8-12 rule is if I can get to 10-12 reps easily, I need to increase the weight.

I pretty much created these workouts myself based on what I've learned over the last year or so...Jamie Eason's Livefit trainer(found on & are two resources I use often to get ideas.

Seated Shoulder Press : 20 lb dumbbells
Arnold Press: 17.5 lbs dumbbells(so glad my gym has the "in between" db weights)
Super Set: alternate front raises to lat raises - 8-10 reps for each move with 8 lb dumbbells
Super Set:
- seated bent over lat raises(not sure if that's what it's called) w/ 8 lbs db's
- move directly into a set of plate pushes (hold a plate at your chest and push out while squeezing shoulders.)  I've been using a 10 lb plate but need to increase it.

I do abs on my shoulder day and usually incorporate abs in between my shoulder exercises.

Preacher Curl: I use the bar which is 25 lbs but I may increase to 30 tomorrow!!
Triple Set: (this is killer which is why my weights look wimpy!)
-Alternating DB curls w/ 12 lb db's
-Barbell curls - I use the 20 lb barbell but need to work to increase it
-Hammer curls with rope - 20 lbs on machine
Overhead Cable Curl w/ 20 lbs on each arm(Mike spots me on this one to make sure I get all the reps)
Tricep Rope Extension pushdown - 40 lbs
Overhead triceps extension(I've been using a db but you could use the rope on a machine too) - 17.5 lbs
Bench tricep dips to failure(I've been reading some controversial info on doing dips but I like them)

Legs w/ glute focus:
Barbell Squat: I got to 90 lbs today!!  My goal is 100 by the end of the year. (Mike always spots on this if I go heavier)
Straight Leg Deadlift w/ barbell- 65 lbs (I need to increase this but need to use lifting straps)
Leg Press - I'm not sure what the machine weighs but I put 140 lbs in plates on the machine
Hack Squat - 70 lbs(I'm so pooped by this point but I know I need to increase)
Glute Machine(not the seated/lying leg curl or adductor/abductor machines but another machine that focuses on glutes)- 35 lbs(wimpy I know...need to increase this one as well)

Yes, I train my back & chest but am never happy about it.  I just do it because I know I have to.  I also do another leg day but with different exercises.

I'm going to stick with this through the end of the year and then I'll change it up.  Hope it's helpful to someone out there or gives you some ideas for your own workout.