Sunday, December 20, 2009

lots of sun and lots of snow

We're back in the U.S. from Mexico and we were warmly greeted with about 1.5 feet of snow! Lucky us!
Mexico was fantastic! I, personally, did a whole lot of laying around and reading(and probably way too much eating)...spent some time at the spa(which I've never really done before) and hung out with Mike's parents. The resort wasn't crowded at all, which was very nice! We spent some time in Playa Del Carmen and I would definitely recommend Playa over Cancun if you plan to go to that area of Mexico. Mike was able to get his advanced diving certification through Phantom Divers while we were there so he was diving all day Monday and 1/2 day Tuesday. On Tuesday, he encountered some sort of 6 foot shark...YIKES! On Wednesday, Mike and I took an excursion to Selvatica for the 'Extreme Canopy Adventure.' We were able to experience 12 ziplines(and both of us ziplined upside down too!! even "scared of heights" Mike did!) and we swam in a beautiful cenote. Thursday was another lazy day and we got to the Cancun airport around 10:30am on Friday.

Our flight out of Cancun was delayed because Miami was having rain and tornado warnings. We finally left Cancun at 3pm, arrived in Miami, and sprinted to our connecting gate, after going through all the Customs hoopla. I proudly won the race to our gate...Mike may be able to bench 2,000 lbs but I can outrun him any day. :) Luckily our flight into DC was also delayed so we didn't miss it. Then we landed in D.C. to a couple inches of snow, drove home, and woke up to about 7 inches. It snowed all day Saturday with an accumulation of probably 1.5 feet. They finally got our sidewalks scooped this afternoon so I don't have to carry Stuart to the partially clear street anymore for him to do his duty. :)

~Enjoy some photos of our trip ~

(At Selvatica)

(Me ~ ziplining into the cenote)

(All of us ~ 5 beers and nachos for $10! Can't beat that deal!)

(Enjoying some wine on one of the beds by the pool.)

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Janna said...

Looks like you had a fun time!! I think you have more snow than us, although I guess they are talking more this week. We shall see! ;o)