Saturday, February 27, 2010

this just in...(as of yesterday anyway)

I'm taking a class to become a group fitness instructor. YAY! I'm super duper excited about it! Who wouldn't want to get paid to work out, right? I start the 20th and it's every Saturday for 6 weeks or so. Although this doesn't officially certify me to be a group fitness instructor, it helps me understand how to teach a class and gives me a chance to teach some "pretend" classes. If I decide I like it (which I think I'll probably decide I love it), I hope to get officially certified!

In other news~
* Jed(Mike's best friend and the best man in our wedding) is arriving tomorrow to visit us.
* I'm changing jobs on Monday...still staying with my current company and working from home, also keeping some of my same responsibilities, but will be able to learn additional technical skills as well!! I'm a firm believer that 'change' is always exciting(even though it take a little while to understand the change) but I'm bummed to be leaving my current team.
* Stuart and I are visiting Nebraska soon.
* Mike is changing shifts at work from District 1(monuments, national mall) to District 3(north DC) ~ He's excited for the change!
* Mike's parents are coming to visit soon also.

Looking forward to all the excitement in the Carpenter household!

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Janna said...

That sounds great! I think you would be a wonderful fitness instructor and love how you keep expanding your horizons. ;o)