Friday, April 23, 2010

how conveeeenient...

While I was at work today Mike went to the gym because tonight was 'Mike & Kirsten night.' We typically have one solid night a week that we dedicate to each other(no Poms coaching, no Overtime, no going out w/ friends, etc). Anyway, Mike got home from the gym and had lovely pink roses for me. When I asked, "Were the flowers for anything special?" He said, "Just 'cause you're THE BEST!" Aww...very sweet! Thirty seconds after he walked in the door and gave me the flowers, his phone rings. The phone call was from his work asking if he could work OT tonight from 8pm-3am. Like a proper husband, he says that he has to "talk to his wife" first and will call them back.

Hmmmm ~ How convenient that he brought me flowers on the exact same night he gets asked to work OT, which happens to be on 'Mike & Kirsten night.' Anyone else suspicious??

Just kidding ~ It was quite the coincidence but I will continue to believe he gave me the flowers because I'm "THE BEST!" :)

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