Thursday, January 13, 2011

some things just don't get better!!

You know how I mentioned Mike and I are working out in the morning a few days a week?? Well...we've gone five times and hearing the alarm go off at 5:15am is still not an enjoyable experience. I also despise hearing my husband telling me to "wake up"(in the nicest/semi-quiet way possible of course) 10 minutes later as he opens the bathroom door and the light shines into my face. It is just absolute torture I tell you!! BUT ~ it still feels incredible afterward. I've gotten back into some consistent strength training(by consistent, I mean about 3 times a week) and getting my runs done in the morning is great so I don't have to worry about it after work.

So, I guess there are some positives...but, I again tell you that hearing the alarm at 5:15am is TORTURE! Maybe some day I'll get over the 5:15 alarm but that day will not be today!

News Bulletin ~
Just wanted to share this link to a news video about one of Mike's cases last week. The BLM "agent" that is referenced is my beloved husband. My Hero!! I think I'm more excited about this than Mike...I think I've told practically anyone who will listen to me about this. :) His 10-hr work day on Friday turned into about a 15-hr work day because of this case. Boo! BUT I did get to go out to dinner with my hero after he got home at one of our fave's, the Guadalupe Cafe. YUM-O!

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