Sunday, May 15, 2011

Day 1 - London

We left at Albuquerque at 9am Friday and we arrived in London at 6:30am Saturday. Took the Tube to our hotel, checked in, dropped off our bags and off we went to start exploring.

We walked our patooty's off the first day through Hyde Park, to Buckingham Palace, through the Soho area, to Piccadilly Circus, and ended the evening with fish & chips for Mike and traditional british pie sampler platter for me.

Hyde Park

Hyde Park - isn't this a lovely picture of this flower with the rain drops? Love it!
More Hyde Park - basically like a "Central Park" for London. Also, every dog was off-leash and so well-behaved. I'd like to think our pups would be the same way. (HA! Insert sarcasm here)

Buckingham Palace - I was really surprised at how short of a distane there was between the fence and the Palace. I figured for security purposes, it would be a greater distance...kind of like the White House.

Guard at Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace - We got really good at self-portraits. Also, clearly this is what I look like after being up for 24 hrs with little sleep.

Changing of the guards. We just happened to be walking down this street when the change of the guards was occurring. We had some pretty impecable timing throughout this trip actually.
Piccadilly Circus - Basically a mini Times Square.
Since we spent so much time on the Tube, it only seems fitting to post a picture.
And we ended our first day eating at the Prince of Wales pub. Yummy!
More to come in future posts...


Janna said...

Fun!! I can sit in my chair and travel vicariously through you!! ;o) I'm not sure how I would hold up on such a long flight!

Mike and Kirsten said...

It was a really great trip. I really like traveling...I feel like I learn so much more about history and geography by going to places. Not that that is the only reason we travel but I do feel smarter after a trip like this. LOL! :)