Monday, January 23, 2012

a few items I'm currently obsessed with

-Our new king-size bed ~>
Our weekend trip to Phoenix(more details on that trip later) set Mike over the edge. We got home Sunday, went to pick out and buy the bed Monday, & we were sleeping in the bed by Tuesday evening. I didn't realize how much I'd like having a king bed...when you have a husband that thinks his "side" consists of 3/4 of the queen bed and I get 1/4, I guess a king size really does have its benefits.

-Starbucks grande skinny caramel latte ~>
I've raved about this deliciousness before and it never gets old. Yum!!

-Jamie Eason ~>
She is beautiful inside and outside and is such an incredible motivator in so many aspects of life. She is a fitness model and spokesperson for Her spiritual connection with God is increible and she is more than willing to share her advice, whether it's fitness related or otherwise.

-Unsalted Raw Almonds ~>
So yummy and it's a perfect snack to run downstairs from my office, grab out of the pantry, & run back upstairs if I only have a few moments to spare.

-Stuart ~>
I have to get Stuart out of our bedroom at night. I have realized lately that every movement Stuart makes wakes me up. Not that I feel un-rested but I know I'd sleep even better if he wasn't in our bedroom. This could be a rough transition. ugh!

There you have it - hope you have a great day!

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Janna said...

Fun!! Josh and I have wondered about upgrading to a king size at some point but have yet to take the plunge. The almonds sound like a nice healthy snack--Marissa's gotten into baking lately and let's just say having sweets on hand is a killer for me . . . I think I could live off of brownies. ;o)