Tuesday, May 1, 2012

a scrapbook post

I think I've mentioned before that I really use my blog these days as my scrapbook.  After I left NE and my scrapbooking support group, I just don't have motivation to scrapbook...so here is a random post scrapbook post for you.

Mike participated in Tough Mudder in Phoenix, AZ ~ a 12+ mile obstacle course with, as you probably guessed, a lot of mud.  He was part of a team so there was a group of us spectators that were able to be at a handful of the obstacles.  It was a wonderful day and really fun to watch.
Mike was part of the 'Super Troopers' team.  :) Mike is standing all the way to the left.
This is right after he got through these huge garbage tanks(those huge ones that they use in construction) filled with water and ICE.  Literally, they were using a front loader dumping ice into these things. 
Army crawling through tubes of mud.(Mike's in the middle)
More mud.

 Trying to miss the wires that have 10,000 volts floating through...seriously, many of those strings are wires with 10,000 volts.  Crazy!
Finish line - a well deserved beer and orange sweat band!  :)

Mike turned 30 years old in February so we took a trip to Estes Park, CO.  A few friends from NE met us there...two of these said friends actually got engaged on this exact trip.  How fun!  Estes Park and the Rocky Mountain National Park was amazing ~ we snowshoed for the first time & love it, we went on a horseback ride(I rode Baby and Mike rode Gus), saw tons of elk just hangin' out on the side or directly on the road, & enjoyed being with friends and in the amazing view!

I went on a 'Girls Trip' in March to Breckenridge, CO - I met two of my very favorite ladies(aka Jen and Emilie) in Breck and we had an amazing time.  We skied, had some late nights, and TONS of girl talk.  I've said it before and I'll say it again ~ there's something so amazing and refreshing to spend quality time with girlfriends!!  I think all three of us needed this trip!

While Mike travelled to AZ and NV for his work, I went to NE for two weeks in April.  It's always so crazy when I'm in NE because I'm working full-time and also trying to see as many people/friends as I can.  A few highlights - hanging out on the farm w/ Dad/Barb(+Barb's kids), doing a mini winery tour with my Mom & Sis, spending Easter w/ family, watching one of my nephew's baseball games, touring my brother & sister-in-law's new house, enjoying my favorite food spots(good thing the 5 lbs I gained is gone), and spending some great time with family and friends.  Fantastic.  We'll be back in NE in June for the wedding of our friends who were engaged on the Estes Park trip.  :)

Mike has been working the AZ/Mexico border for almost a week and a half but gets back laaaatttteee tonight.  We have a couples spa evening planned for tomorrow and then we leave soon for vacation to Sedona, AZ.  Since Mike and I have basically been together one week of the entire month of April, I'm SOOOO excited for vacation and spending quality time with JUST Mike...no dogs and no work!! 

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Janna said...

Love the catch up and all the pics--can't really get over what Mike had to do in that race (ummm hello hypothermia and claustrophobia!) and the electical wires--SCARY!! Enjoy having him back home again!!