Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Mike and I are laying pretty low today...nothing too exciting planned. We went out for dinner last night for Valentine's Day since he has to work early tomorrow morning. We went to the Olive Garden--yummy!
I had my first volleyball 'practice' on Thursday night. It went pretty good. I'm going to start playing on the team next Friday and I'm looking forward to it. I really miss playing with my Nebraska people but it's nice to be playing again.
I have a 5-mile run scheduled for today...and I'm going to run it on the treadmill. There are not consistent sidewalks out here so I'm always afraid I'm going to run out of sidewalk and not know where to go next. I need to map out some routes and then drive them to make sure there is always sidewalk. I'm currently planning on running the Marine Corp half marathon on May 17th...I haven't officially registered yet but hopefully I'll stay on the running wagon so I feel confident enough to regiser.
Hope everyone has a love-filled Valentine's Day!


Janna said...

Happy Valentine's Day you guys! Would you believe I'm tossing around the idea of running a half-marathon this year? Maybe. ;o) Still not sure if I have the time to devote to training.

Mike and Kirsten said...

Time is totally the issue. I would really like to do the Marine Corp Marathon in October but it takes so much time to train. A 'long-run day' could be up to 20 miles for a marathon which equates to about 200 minutes for me...not to mention the exhaustion I would feel afterward. It really could kill an entire day. And for you to have 4 kids on top of it?!

Good luck! I hope you run it...the Lincoln Half is a fabulous half to run!