Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Lunch time for Kirsten so I log in and catch up on Facebook and the blog. I have a funny story to share...Yesterday Mike and I were in Target picking up a few things after we got done at the gym. I wasn't sure what we were there to get but Mike seemed to know. Anyway, we're are walking past the shampoo/lotion/medicine section and Mike and I had a funny conversation:

Mike said, "We need to get the zapper thing."
Kirsten said, "What does that mean?" The only zapper thing that I am familiar with is the ninetendo wii zapper which he got for Christmas.
Mike said, "You know the zapper thing" and he proceeds to imitate shooting a hand gun(or at least that's what I interpreted it as)
I stared at him indicating I need a little more info...
I said, "Do you mean the gift registry zapper?"
Mike said, "Yes!!"

This is considered a zapper? Well whatever but I'm pretty sure I will need to monitor his zapping or he may just zap the whole store. Yikes!


Janna said...

I think every guy secretly loves that thing. ;o) Josh wasn't too into registering for gifts, but let him do the "zapper" and he is more than a willing accomplice.

Justin, Stacey and Kael said...

Yes, keep an eye on him or you'll end up with things like Spongebob boxers and bottles of booze on your registry.