Monday, May 25, 2009

back-up hard drive = critical investment

Well Mike's computer's hard drive crashed! UGH! Not to mention that ALL of our pictures were saved on Mike's computer, BUT our wedding guest list, wedding invite, and a variety of other wedding stuff was on it. BLEH! The good news is that Mike was pretty good at backing up our pictures on CD's up until we moved to Maryland. But our wedding guest list?? Not going to lie...that pretty much stinks. AND we've been so good about recycling and not wasting paper by printing un-necessary stuff, so I never printed a hard copy. So, we are buying a detachable back-up hard drive and we will be backing up once a week from now on!!!

Other than the above drama, life has been without drama! I've been doing quite a bit of running and hiking. Work is going good for Mike...he's enjoying his job. Work is going good for me as well...I'm looking forward to working from the Lincoln office next week.

We are headed to visit Nebraska on May 31st and will be leaving on June 14th. Very excited to see everyone!


Janna said...

Ohhhh, so sorry about the computer! Just the other day I was uploading all my pics into snapfish because we have an older computer, and I "have this feeling." Sadly, I have not developed a picture in TWO YEARS!!! But we need to get a back-up too (and a new computer would be nice!). ;o) That stinks about the guest list though!

Justin, Stacey and Kael said...

Mmmm...been there, done that. We lost a ton of pictures but learned a lesson - kind of. We got a portable hard drive but back that up too!

J and I are training for the June 6 run so I hope you're ready! He will need someone to run with!