Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Feliz Cumpleanos to me! Happy Cinco de Mayo to everyone else!

Today is my 28th birthday! Let's take a peek at how I'm spending the day.
Besides working today, this is what I have enjoyed:

First of all, I received tons of birthday wishes via email, cards, Facebook messages, gifts, texts, and phone calls! I feel awefully special!! THANKS EVERYONE!! I think I received about 10 e-cards from just one person (not naming names...JEN!)...ok I think it was more like 3 or 4 e-cards from her but they were nice surprises throughout the working day!

Mike and I went out to dinner last Friday --- I was trying to do the "red carpet look over the shoulder" pose...good thing I'm not on the red carpet because I don't think I pull it off. :)
On Friday, Mike got me this yummy giant frosted cookie, which I single handedly finished off by Monday! Yum! I couldn't even wait to get home to try it if you see the small piece on the right side missing?!?
We got our new pans delivered today. Aren't they lovely? Can't wait to use them. Although these weren't a birthday gift, it was still fun to pretend they were a gift as I opened the boxes.

I received these flower bouquet's! I got the bouquet on the right from Mike on Friday and I received the other one today. And the first thing Mike did was sit them next to each and say "Ha, mine's bigger!" :) Sorry Em! :) I love them both!
And I'm finishing up my birthday by watching TV(Mike is at work tonight) and working on this bottle of wine. Not too shabby of a birthday if you ask me.
Thanks again to everyone! It's been a great day!

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Janna said...

Glad you had a good day Kirsten! Your pans look lovely. ;o)