Thursday, September 3, 2009

fish tank anyone?

I stole this picture from one of my girlfriends but it is too unbelievable not to show others. This is a picture of someone driving down the beltway at 60-65 mph with one of their back doors open and a fish tank hanging out. Each time I look at this picture, I cannot believe...who in their right mind would do this? Not to mention, certainly you would pass some sort of law enforcement on your drive...seriously someone you know has a truck or SUV that you could have borrowed.

In other news, Mike and about 50 guys(ok, that's an exageration...probably 15 guys) went to Atlantic City, NJ for his DC/MD Bachelor party. I'm sure he'll have many stories to tell tomorrow when he gets home.
But, the party starts for me on Saturday morning. I get a second bachelorette party with my DC/MD peeps in Baltimore. I don't have 15 but I have 3 exceptional ladies that I'll be spending the weekend with and I'm very much looking forward to it. I'm getting picked up at 11am on Saturday and brought home by 3pm on Sunday.
Wedding plans are come together nicely. As of tonight, I think everything is ready except some of the perishable items we will have to pick up closer to the wedding date. I'm darn ready to be married to Mike!! I'm also darn ready to not have to think about wedding stuff anymore. And I'm darn ready to see my family and friends!!! Not to mention the week long honeymoon we get to enjoy. I'm so excited for the all the events that will occur in a week and 8 days!! (doesn't that sound better than 2 weeks and 1 day?)

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Janna said...

It'll be here so soon! Hope all those little details fall into place smoothly and don't drive you too crazy.

(and no, never seen a fish tank hanging out of a car like that . . .) ;o)