Monday, September 28, 2009

Mr. and Mrs. Carpenter

Before I begin the wedding report, just asking for prayers for the Chase family as my Grandpa Chase passed away this last Wednesday. Even though we are miles apart, Mike and I want to send our love and support to my family and all who have been touched by Bill Chase's life! We love you and this is definitely a difficult time for all of us! Hugs!!

It was definitely the best day of my life!(hopefully Mike agrees!? :)) There is nothing that went wrong, from my was everything we hoped it would be. Every day since the wedding, I find myself daydreaming and always thinking back to the events of September 18, 2009. Here's a summary of events:
* Mike left for Ocean City on Wednesday to obtain our marriage license and spend time with some friends that were already in Ocean City.
* Mom and I left on Thursday morning, picked Emilie up from the airport, and got to OC around 4pm.
* We pretty much spent 2 hours in the hotel lobby greeting people as they arrived to Ocean City. We congregated in the hotel restaurant/bar for the majority of the evening as people continued to arrive. We both went to our rooms around 11pm Thursday night...Mike stayed in his own room and I stayed with Mom.
* I didn't really sleep a wink the entire night. I wasn't really nervous but I kept thinking of everything that had to get done the next day. Around 5:30am, I started not feeling in dry-heaving and nauseous. Mom and I ordered some room service to get some food in my system. Beth popped some popcorn and I munched on that to get more food into my body. I make it sound like I wasn't eating and that's true but it wasn't intentional...Thursday was such a busy day so I didn't think to eat much. I jumped in the shower around 8:15am. We left the room around 9am as I was still extremely nauseous and needing to hurl. Robin(Mike's sister) gave me a pop tart and I think that's what healed me for the day.
* At 9am, we worked on decorating the reception hall -- Thanks to everyone who helped!! It turned out beautiful!
* At 10:30am, we had rehearsal on the beach and at 11:30 we had our bridal party/family lunch on the beach at Seacrets.
* We were done with the lunch by 1:15pm and we had to be ready by 3pm for pictures. The girls took over Mike and my suite and got busy getting ready. Emilie curled my hair and Beth did my makeup. We didn't have much time to get ready but we were ready to go by 3:15pm or so.
* Pictures started in the "Guy's Room" and then the photographer came to the "Girl's Room." Mike and I saw each other for the first time on the hotel beach. Then the bridal party jumped into vehicles and headed to the boardwalk and ocean side beach for more pictures.
* We got back to the hotel around 5:15pm and started family/formal pictures.
* We were done with pics by 6:15, then waited as all the guests arrived. The ceremony was at 6:45pm on the hotel's beach and then the reception was from 7-11pm. The reception was super duper fun and I hope everyone enjoyed themselves.
* Mike and I left the reception around 11:15pm while many others kept the celebration going by heading to Seacrets for the remainder of their evening.

It was such an amazing day! It was very busy but it was a perfect day! Our families, bridesmaids, and groomsmen made the day fantastic...everyone was so helpful and I was so grateful that there were so many people willing to help! I know I sent many people on "wild goose chases" and they willingly took the task. It was a blessing to have our family, bridal party, and wedding guests there to celebrate such an amazing day.
Thank you also to those that weren't able to attend the celebration ~ thank you for keeping us in your thoughts, in your prayers, for your cards, gifts, and well-wishes!

I hope all newly-wed couples feel like we do when they get/got married...words really can't describe how amazing life is right now.

Finally, thank you to my fabulous husband! You are truly an amazing person and I'm so excited to continue our life together in marriage forever. I think we said on our honeymoon that are goal is 75 years of marriage, right??...that would make me 103 years old. :) Can't wait for our next honeymoon! Love you Mike!

Hope to post pics soon(if you're on Facebook, you can check some out that our family and friends have posted~when we get ours from the photographer, I'll get some posted)...I will soon provide a run-down of the honeymoon!


Janna said...

Sounds awesome Kirsten--saw a few of Beth's pics on facebook, you looked lovely, dress was beautiful!! I'll be looking forward to some more pics!! (BIG HINT!!) ;o)
And so very sorry about your Grandpa, send my love to your mom.

The Wilson's said...

sounds like the day was just perfect! 2 years later, I still catch myself daydreaming about our wedding day - I don't think that feeling ever goes away! love the facebook pics:)