Sunday, November 22, 2009

Are you up for the challenge?

The 'group class' division of our gym is running a couple competitions right now and I am participating in one of them...Cross Train to Win. Very simple really ~ Whoever takes the most group classes between 11/15 and 1/15 wins the pot of money (It was $10 to join the competition). The catch is that you have to take at least 3 different types/genre's of classes each week or you are booted out of the competition. This was my week in summary:
Monday ~ 1 hr Body Sculpt & 1 hr Kickboxing
Tuesday ~ 1 hr Kickboxing
Wednesday ~ 45 min Body Sculpt & 45 min Step
Thursday ~ 1 hr Pilates
Friday ~ Everyone needs a day off, right?
Saturday ~ 1 hr Step
Sunday ~ 1 hr Beach Body Sculpt & 1 hr Step

So I'm off to a good start...hopefully I can maintain it for 2 months. My question to you is: What are you doing to stay active and healthy? I will admit that I probably don't have the best nutrition(although I have gotten A LOT better since living with Mike) but I do enjoy being active and taking on a challenge. My goal earlier this year was to complete a marathon and although I didn't run it, my goal of training for it was met. And my goal over the next two months is to win this competition...I could use some extra money!

I challenge all of you to GET ACTIVE! It doesn't matter if you're 500 lbs or 100 lbs...GET ACTIVE! Set a goal for yourself and after you reach that goal, set the next one...walk for 15 minutes over your lunch break, take a walk with your family every night, join a gym, get a personal trainer, join Jazzercise, find a partner to work out with, ride your bike for 30 minutes a day...just get moving. Start out slow and build up as you achieve your goals. We all hop on and off of the fitness bandwagon(including myself) but I encourage you to jump on and see how it makes you'll have more energy, you'll feel better about yourself, and maybe you'll lose those extra pounds you've been carrying.

Life is TOO you want to make it even shorter because you're "too busy" to go on a 30 minute walk each day? GET ACTIVE people! Don't wait until 2010...start NOW! That's my challenge for you!

P.S. Mike says that if you're up for the challenge, please don't join our gym. :) Apparently he's anticipating an over crowding of gym equipment after the first of the year. :) (I'm sure he's joking!)


Janna said...

Soooo looking forward to getting back in shape after this baby!! My goal will probably just be running on the treadmill once I'm able (yuck!! hate treadmills) and I'm also going to look into Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred. Yay for you for keeping up with your health--if you want a book to read about nutrition check out "Real Food"--I can't remember the author's name, but it really gave me something to think about. Keep up the good work! ;o)

Meyer Family said...

As much as I hate that you have a slim and trim body (JK, I love you Kirsty), I am trying to take your attitude about getting moving. My motivation is so non-existent right now that I get home and sit my butt on the couch. I am hoping that after I graduate I will have more motivation to become more active...Right now my 15 minute walk each day will have to do. I even have some videos at home that I could use, but alas, they are collecting dust on the shelf. I may just have to break them out. Send some motivation my way!