Sunday, November 15, 2009

family, family, and more family

I got back to Maryland yesterday to a freshly vacuumed home and a jumping bean of a Stuart.

It's nice to be back in MD but it's always bitter-sweet to leave family and friends.
Speaking of family and friends, I got to see both my dad's family AND mom's family on my trip to NE. Although the gathering together of my mom's family wasn't under the happiest circumstances, it was still fantastic to see them. We also had our annual family fall festival on my dad's side so I was able to see most of them as well. I did spend one evening out with some girlfriends and worked from the Lincoln office on Thursday and Friday so I was able to see some friends too.

While in NE, I also got my Christmas shopping done for my two nieces and two nephews. That was pretty impressive for me...usually I wait until closer to Christmas to do my shopping. But buying in NE saves on shipping costs. ;)

When I got home yesterday I asked Mike, "So can you live without me?" He shrugs his shoulders. I realize that men don't "get it" sometimes so I typically give Mike two chances to provide the "correct" answer. I say, "Let me try that again...did you realize over the last week that you can't live without me?" He says, "Well I can live without you but I wouldn't be happy." BINGO ~ Nice recovery Mike...dang he's good(even if it does take him two tries to get it right)!

Next on our agenda is a trip to Mexico with Mike's parents that Mike booked last week while I was gone. I'm feeling pretty blessed this holiday season...I was been able to see my side of the family last week and get to see Mike's parents in December.

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Janna said...

Yay on the Christmas shopping--I haven't gotten to that yet, but I am hoping to do most of it by sitting in a chair and clicking away (online.) ;o) So good to see you and have fun in Mexico!!