Monday, August 9, 2010

a rough month so far

Sometimes I just can't take it! I miss my Mike once again because he's working like a mad man. He's been working 12-18 hr days EVERY day since July 31st with absolutely no break. He's a maniac, if you ask me. Although I miss him, I was made aware months in advance and agreed(not that I had a choice for this particular event) to this spurt of a crazy working schedule. It's the Legg Mason Tennis Classic and since the facility is located on park police property and it's in Mike's assigned district, he is required to work.(according to Mike anyway) A few extra dollars as we prepare for our move and hopefully buying a house can't be a bad thing.

But very soon this crazy work will end and I will get two uninterupted days with my hubs in Ocean City, MD. We are planning an early celebration of our 1st wedding anniversary in OC, which is where we were married, since we won't be here in MD on our actual anniversary. I'm looking forward to going back to visit the beach we were married on ~ already makes me a little emotional. I won't get too sappy but I have to tell you that I have such an incredible husband and I hope everyone enjoys marriage bliss with their spouse as we have over the past year. (We'll pretend Mike would say the same about his lovely wife.) :) Mike is absolutely positively the love of my life and I can't even imagine(and won't imagine) life without him.

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Janna said...

Will Mike's schedule be better once you move? I'm counting down--just one more year until Josh should have a "normal" one again. Although, after living so long with weirdness, I wonder if the adjustment will be hard? ;o) Have fun on your little trip!