Tuesday, October 19, 2010

as promised - a few Santa Fe adventures

Before we get the NM adventures, I did get to partake in a Chicago adventure 2 weekends ago. Left Albuquerque on Saturday at 9am, arrived in Chicago at 5pm, partook in my wonderful friend Mara's bachelorette party(I think we got home around 3am Sunday morn -- haven't seen that time of day for a LONG time), then left Chicago at 10:30 am Sunday to be back in NM at 1pm. What a whirl-wind...but it was incredible seeing Mara and I'm so thankful I was able to celebrate with her. I was reviewing a few recent pictures and thought this one was adorable. Boulevard likes sleeping small spaces(notice he is under a table) and he likes his doggie bed. This was a pic taken when we were staying in the hotel when we first got to Santa Fe...his dog bed was packed but an oversized bed pillow did the trick. :) (I know, most of you non-dog lovers are probably grossed out right now--sorry!)

Moving day - would you believe that this mess of a garage is cleaned up, garage is finished, & we can park both of our cars and the motorcycle in the garage? Well ~ believe it because it's true! (more pics of the house coming soon...) I'll give Mike all credit for finishing the garage. We also got our back-yard fence sealed which was not a very enjoyable task...but it's done and that's all that matters. The garage and the fence were the two tasks we wanted to get done before Mike leaves for his field training.(did I mention that he's scheduled to be in field training until 1/14/11 -- but I'll save that trauma for a later post)

Moving day - all of our stuff was packed in that front section of the truck. It took a good day to get everything unloaded. While the movers unloaded, Mike & I unpacked boxes and it worked really slick.
We've gone to the Santa Fe Farmer's market a couple times ~ I love going for the food but also love going to smell the roasting of the chile's. Who wants to come visit for the 'Santa Fe Wine & Chile Festival' next year? Any takers?

Mike and I visited a local vineyard for a wine tasting. Mike called it a "hidden gem" because it's off this tiny little driveway but once you get through the drive-way, it is amazingly beautiful! You can't really tell by his face but Mike and I both had a good time at the vineyard. :)

Vineyard ~ I was sporting my husker gear to send NE good vibes to beat TX...wish it would have worked. :(

Last but not least - I guess chile season is coming to a close so we stocked up on a "sack" of roasted chile's. When divided up, this "sack" ended up coming out to 19 quart size zip lock bags. Guess we are stocked up for the winter. YUMMY!!
That's about it for now...the house is getting in some sort of order and soon I'll post some pics.

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Janna said...

Totally off topic, but I like your hair! ;o) I've been thinking of getting myself some side-swept bangs . . . do you like them? I always get annoyed with stuff touching my face, but I'm really bored with my hair at the moment.

And I must know, what is involved in fence sealing? I'm mystified. But yay for the organized garage, that is definitely and accomplishment!