Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I'm back from my blog hiatus

Besides catching up on everyone else's blogs, here's a run down of our life since my last blog...

- The pups and I said farewell to MD on 8/28 and made the two-day journey back to NE. Mike stayed in Maryland to finish his work and coordinate the packers/movers.

- I worked from the Lincoln office from 8/30-9/24. It was so great to be in the office and see all my co-workers. It was also great to partake in a few happy hours after work...totally miss that.

- I went to Las Vegas 9/2-9/6 with Jen and Kim for Jen's 30th birthday. We had so much fun!

- I was able to see friends and family throughout the time I was in Nebraska. Participated in the NE football hoopla, had a wonderful girl's lunch with some great friends, was able to play some volleyball at Spikes...just like old times! :)

- Mike and I "celebrated" our 1st year anniversary 1200 miles apart. :(

- Mike got to Nebraska on 9/22 and I was beyond excited to see him again. Miss that man like crazy when we're apart.

- I was surprised with Nebraska football tickets from my husband(and friend Kyle) for the 9/25 football game.

- Mike, the pups, and I left Nebraska on 9/26 and drove 13 hours to our new city of Santa Fe!!

- Mike started his new job on 9/27 and I resumed my 'work from home' status. Definitely missing my co-workers!

- The movers arrived on 9/28 and we officially moved into our new house! YAY for more space and a fenced in back-yard. The pups ran circles when we let them into the back yard.

- We attended the Santa Fe farmers market last Saturday and it was really great. We bought some great food and I am looking forward to going back. I've heard that it's in the top 12 for best farmer's markets in the U.S.

- Mike's parents stopped over for a night at our place this last Monday on their way to Texas. It was great to see them! They'll be headed back through our place in a few weeks on their way back from TX.

- I joined a women's social group on and am attending my first meetup with them tomorrow...and it happens to be their book club mini-group. Definitely looking forward to it! I have also been contacted individually by a couple women through the group indicating that they were also new to Santa Fe. The plan is to get together with them in the near future.

That brings us today...We LOVE our new house and LOVE Santa Fe so far! I'm back to the blogging world and will keep you all updated on the Santa Fe adventures!

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Janna said...

Yay for the update!!! Boo on spending your anniversary apart--that's too bad. I hope you enjoy setting up your new home. You'll have to let me know if you get acquainted with Santa Fe's craigslist. ;o) I'll be looking forward to seeing pictures!