Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Lake Jumping

One of my avid readers(does it count if it's my Dad?) mentioned my blog today.  As usual I have some catching up to do so we'll start with lake jumping.

Earlier this summer, Mike took Sunday off and we went with a group to Lake Abiquiu to do some lake jumping.  What is lake jumping, you ask?  Well, I honestly didn't know so I googled it after we were invited and most of the video's online showed biking off of ramps into a body of, no thank you!  After texting my girlfriend, she basically described it as jumping off some cliffs.  I would call that cliff jumping but...she called it lake jumping so lake jumping it is.  Although I only actually jumped a few times(from the lowest "cliff" mind you), it was really fun and I wish we had gone a few more times before the season turned to Fall.

Here are some pics to re-cap the day:

Can you see the guy in mid-air back flipping off the cliff?  He did this all day long.  The was the "high" cliff.  The girl on the lower bottom of the picture is on the lower cliff.

Here goes Mike!...also off the lower cliff.  I'm actually surprised he jumped considering he used to have a friend put his Christmas lights on his house in Nebraska due to the height.  :)

 Here I go - also from the lower cliff! (look at that white bod...and you better believe I coated myself in sunscreen for this too!)

The group we went with, minus me because I was taking the pic. (Mike is on the right side.)

The girls getting ready to jump.  (I'm in the middle)

There we are in the water...guess the photographer wasn't fast enough to grab a mid-air shot.

The gals after the "girls" jump. (I'm in the middle again)  My Keens water shoes were awesome for this because I could jump with them and not kill my feet trying to climb back up the cliff.

Mike's last jump.

...after jumping and climbing back up.  You can see his new tattoo he got this summer too. 

And that was lake jumping.  It was a really fun day...I thought the best part was watching everyone else to be honest.  I wish we would have taken Boulevard because he would have had a blast.(there was an area of water that you could wade into so he would have loved it)

Next up...camping trip, Burning Man, and my trip to the Philippines...
But first, I'm off to pound some avoid helping the hubs stain the remainder of the fence. heehee!  I love good timing!

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