Sunday, December 16, 2012

Cookie disaster to cookie victorious!!

I joined Pinterest a few weeks ago(follow me at kirstcarpenter) and am really enjoying it.  It seems like a "good" waste of my time, unlike facebook, and is starting to spark a sort-of-creative-kirsten.  :)

I've been baking since last weekend with recipes found on pinterest.  On Tuesday, I had book club and we were also doing a cookie exchange so I wanted to make these for book club(and I even doubled the recipe).  Unfortunately I had a cookie disaster.  I think it was due to my desire to use oat flour instead of worthless white all-purpose flour...can't blame me for trying to make it a little healthier.  But these were pretty yummy even though they look terrible.

I baked about 1/2 of the batter, shed some tears, then tried the next recipe(that didn't need flour), & had success.  I took the Andes Mint cookies to book club and then made the other two kinds this weekend after getting yucky white flour.  You can find all the recipes here.

Although devoid of anything remotely healthy, they all are quite tasty and I plan to freeze some so I do not continue to eat cookies for breakfast, lunch, & dinner.  Ooopsies!  Festive, right?

Mike and I attempted to go snow shoeing this week since Santa Fe got snow last weekend(Yes - for the billionth time, Santa Fe DOES get snow and has all four seasons - don't compare Santa Fe to Phoenix weather - not even close!) but the snow wasn't quite ready for snow shoes so we went on a nice calm & quiet hike.  The big pups were in heaven...Stuart stayed home for obvious reasons.

And for your entertainment, a short video of our happy(and apparently thirsty) pups! (FYI-video is not viewable on an iPad I don't think)
OK - technical difficulties w/ the video and don't have the patience to deal with it today.  Sorry!


Janna said...

Laughing at your cooking adventures, but admiring your desire to make cookies healthy. I have a few friends who grind their own wheat, etc. It's something I'd like to do eventually, but alas, requires more kitchen appliances. But hey, in the end, a cookie's a cookie in my book . . . ;o)

Anonymous said...

Kirsten, I use as much whole wheat flour as I can in my cooking/baking. I've found unless you're using a recipe specifically for wheat (or other) flour, it's best not to substitute 100% Good flour for the yucky stuff. I usually go 1/2 and 1/2, and have more successes than failures, but there are still failures in there!! Krista