Saturday, June 8, 2013

a Mumford & Sons experience

On Thursday evening, Mike and I went to, what I would venture to guess, the biggest event in Taos, NM history...Mumford & Sons!!
The concert was sponsored by the Taos Solar Music Festival and it was in Kit Carson Park across from the Taos plaza.  Taos has a population of about 5,700 people and they sold 8,000 tickets to the concert. Taos is about 1.5-2 hrs from Santa Fe and Mike's field office is located in Taos so I met him in Taos at a friend's house after I got off work.  I arrived around 5pm, we went to dinner, enjoyed a cocktail at a friend's house, & then our friend dropped us off at the end of the line to get in around 7pm.  There was a rain/lightening storm at the same time the "doors" were to open at the park(6pm) so everyone that was in the park got kicked out because there were concerns about lightening.  It took us about an 1.5 hrs to actually make it through the line and into the venue.  By the time we got in, one of the opening bands was already playing.  Mumford & Sons came on around 10:30 and were done around midnight.  The concert was SOOOOO good and I was quite impressed with how organized everything was for such a small town.  We had to stand in line for a while but that seemed appropriate and expected due to the weather.

 Yes, I realize my head looks gigantic in this picture.

We gradually made our way closer to the stage.  My only wish is that I had been about 6 inches taller for the evening.  :)  Or that all the tall people in Taos weren't standing in front of me.  

I subsequently went to iTunes the next day and downloaded Mumford & Sons most recent album.

Here's a few songs that I'm loving right now:

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