Wednesday, May 29, 2013

guess what's coming to our area?

We live about 5 minutes away from a shopping area which has Target, Starbucks, Albertson's, Best Buy, TJ Max, Petsmart, etc.  About a month ago, we noticed that the sushi restaurant located in that area closed but they were doing construction on the building.  At the same time, we noticed they were building a brand new building right next to the former sushi place.

A month or so after that, Mike and I both saw the Buffalo Wild Wings signage on the old sushi restaurant.  Our first reaction was, "that's sort of cool."  Although neither of us really love Buffalo Wild Wings, it will hopefully be a new/fun place close by to have drinks w/ friends or watch sporting events.  Seeing the sign also reminded us of an experience we had at the BWW in Lincoln.  I can't recall who was with us but we sat down to order some wings and they were out of wings...huh?!  You are Buffalo Wild Wings and you're out of wings?  I'm not really sure how that happens...wouldn't you race to a grocery store and just buy some??

I recently drove past this area again and the sign on the new building next to BWW said Panera!  Suhhweet!  This really excites me because I really enjoy going to coffee shops and spending a few hours reading, blogging, drinking coffee, etc.  I've also hoped for a restaurant that carried yummy bagels so now I get to read and eat my delicious bagel from Panera.

Santa Fe has some of the best food I've ever consumed.  The restaurants are amazing, unique, and have great ambience but sometimes a gal just craves a chain restaurant.  Life would really be complete if Santa Fe got Mr. Goodcents, Bison Witches, Taco John's, & Runza!!

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Janna said...

Yum on Panera (and Taco John's and Runza--I would miss those too!). There are no Chipotle's in this area of the state and I've taken to using knock-off recipes to make my own when I get a craving. It's tasty but not quite as simple as just walking in a placing your order. ;o)