Monday, December 30, 2013

a sad loss...

I told you in a recent post that we were eliminating our cable and going with network channels and Amazon Prime.  Honestly, I was sadly a little nervous about the whole thing because I watch way more TV then I'd like to admit, especially when Mike is out of town.  I'm also a BravoTV-junky, National Geographic-junky, an Investigation Discovery addict, & I loved having a DVR to record all "my shows" and watch them when convenient for me.  In one respect, I was happy to eliminate my BravoTV addiction…why do I watch the Real Housewives franchise again?  Aye yia yia.

Honestly, bottom line was that our cable was now around $70/month and I give cable companies one chance to offer me a lower rate.  If they can't work with me then sayonara.  Oddly enough, after I officially cancelled I got two phone calls from the cable company telling me the lower rate they could offer me.  Too late folks!  We could get Amazon Prime for $75 for the E.N.T.I.R.E. year and also get other perks like free 2 day shipping and borrow one kindle book per month.

What I have found in the short time we haven't had cable??  We watch less TV…I know, I can't believe it either.  Amazing concept, don't you think? (insert sarcasm here) ;) But it has stemmed a new found Pinterest addiction but hopefully now I'll have time to make all those DIY projects I've been pinning.  Maybe I am a "crafty" person after all?…Time will tell.

Depending on how Amazon Prime goes, we may also get Netflix.  I've heard they are very similar but we know of one show in particular that we can't get on Amazon Prime but can get on Netflix(Breaking Bad…yes…we live in NM and have never seen an episode)

Pretty riveting news to report to you all, don't you think? ;)
Any favorite shows or movies on Amazon Prime that you think we should check out?

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