Sunday, January 19, 2014

today is the day!!

Today is the day my best friend, lover, & hubby comes home. (<~ that's all the same person by the way, in case you were curious)  YAY!!  He's been gone for two weeks and I'm super excited for him to be home.  And this is his last 2 week detail for awhile which also makes me happy…and we leave soon for vacation, which also makes me happy.

I think I've said this before but I do think having time apart is a really good thing for any relationship even though I hate it when he is gone.  It allows us to miss each other and get excited about seeing each other again.  It also helps me to appreciate him more and appreciate the things he does for me or the tasks he does around the house.  As the time of his arrival gets closer, I know I'll start to get butterflies and I'll leap into his arms when he walks through the door…well after Ranger greets me, of course.

I asked him if he wanted to be all romantic when he got home today and go out to dinner and go to a local spa but…he said the playoffs are on and the Broncos are playing so I guess we'll be watching football.  Haha!  And honestly, that's ok with me.  Mike is not a guy that is a sports junky so I think I can manage through one game so he can watch his beloved Broncos.  I'm going to try to find a chicken wing recipe and maybe some other 'football-type' food.  I think Mike knows I'll be attached to his hip once he walks through the door probably to the point of being annoying but I.Do.Not.Care!  :)

New Year's Eve

Mike has been at the AZ/Mexico border for these 2 weeks working with Border Patrol and this is one of the pics he sent me.  I kinda sorta love him in a uniform and kinda sorta love his beard when he grows it out for the winter.  :)

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