Saturday, March 1, 2014

there's always a silver lining

I've been saying this phrase a lot lately…well…because…it's true!  There is always a silver lining.
We are going through some changes at work right now that make me feel a little uneasy/insecure but there's always a silver lining, right?  You can always, always, always find something positive in a tough situation.  Sometimes it's difficult to find but it's there.

When Stuart is a being a brat, it's tough to find the silver lining but he does comfort me and love me even if I have to yell at him.  He's with me during the tough times that Mike is traveling so I guess he's not always a brat face.  :)
Great example, don't you think?  In all seriousness, there is always a silver lining but sometimes you have to look for it.  Sometimes it's tough to find and, frankly, sometimes you only want to see the negative.  BUT, there is always a positive!

Have a great Saturday and go bring positivity to the world!  :)
Please share you silver lining examples in the comments.

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