Sunday, January 24, 2010

a few stories to share

Mike and I went to a birthday party in DC a few weeks back...since parking was going to be impossible near the bar we were going to, we parked at a Metro stop(w/ ample parking) and metro'd it over to the bar. So...I step out of the car walking toward the Metro and SNAP. Yep, the heel on my favorite boots(I think I've had these since college) broke. Luckily the heel didn't come completely off so I could survive the night but I was walking on my toe for the remainder of the evening. Mike, being the best huband ever, asks, "Do you have extra shoes in the car?" Kirsten~"Uh, no." Mike~"Do you want to go to one of the stores nearby and buy a new pair?" Kirsten~"No, but this gives me an excuse to go boot shopping later!" Needless to say, those boots were laid to rest in the trash can a week ago. :( A sad, sad day!

That same night, we went out to eat at a Thai restaurant for dinner before the birthday party. The tables in this place were really close so you can hear the conversations very clearly of the people surrounding you. As we were taking off our coats and sitting down, this is what we hear from two women(probably mid-20's in age) sitting about one foot away from us. Girl 1~"I think he's moving back to Nebraska." Girl 2 in a valley girl kind of way says~"What is he going to do in Nebraska, be a farmer or something?!" LOL! Mike and I both about lost it but we managed to hold back the laughs. 'Cause farming is the only thing to do in Nebraska.??..HA! Mike told me later that he wishes he would have had his NE hat on that night. :)

Happy Sunday everyone!

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Janna said...

Sorry about your boots. ;o) But that is a VERY good life they had. I was just talking to someone this morning about this skirt she had had since high school (that she had spent a lot of $$$ on)--while it seemed like a lot at the time she's had it 12 years and still looks fabulous! So all that to say, it's nice to get some good life out of what you wear! Happy boot shopping!! ;o)