Thursday, May 27, 2010

a new mode of transportation?? seems as though my car is a goner. I'm not sure I completely believe it yet but at face value, Mike has indicated that my car is either not fixable or not worth fixing, so I will believe him for now.

You'd think to yourself, "Well Kirsten, you work from home and Mike is the only one that has to commute for work, so it's ok to survive with only one vehicle." And I would tell you I agree for the most part. However since Mike works completely opposite hours that I work, it makes for a little inconvenience if I ever want to journey further away than a bike ride or walk when Mike is working. Not to mention, part of his work week is over my weekend which also adds more inconvenience.

Mike is working tonight so I guess we'll hopefully figure out the plan soon.
Can we be a one vehicle family for awhile? Tune in for a later post to find out. :)

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Janna said...

Maybe you should give the public transportation system . . . HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. ;o) I highly recommend it!