Monday, May 17, 2010


Gosh ~ Monday has already been a rough day. Aren't all Monday's? So, I thought I'd "check out" of work today over my lunch break and blog about something fun...VACATION!

We booked a trip to head to Mexico soon. Mike found some inexpensive vacation package deals to a variety of places and we decided to head to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico again. (This is also where we went last December) We both really like that area and it happened to be the least expensive he found coming in at $500 per person, which includes airfaire, lodging for 5 nights, all-inclusive food and drinks, and some water sports. (Let me know if you would like the details and I can pass them along)

After he booked it, I declared, "I'm going to be XXX pounds by the time we leave or I'm not getting on the plane." And Mike so dearly responds, "So should I be looking for someone else to go with me then?" I responded, "Maybe you should try to gain 5-7 pounds by our trip?" You might say, "Well that was rude of Mike to say"...but actually it's not, he knows me too well. He knows I struggle with my eating habits ~ I don't know what it means to be on a "diet," I cave to sugar more often than I'd like to admit, and I'm usually the one convincing Mike that we should do out to dinner(typically to an unhealthy restaurant).

I always get these lofty goals in my head so we'll see what happens. I could use a little re-vamping of my diet(not "a diet" but my normal everyday diet ~ you know what I mean)

P.S. I've always heard that greek yogurt was really good for you but I was always afraid to try it. Anything good for me can't be tasty, right? WRONG -- it's delicious and has lots of protein! I recommend it.


Janna said...

That sounds like a good deal on a trip! And I completely commiserate with you on the sugar cravings. I've got about 10 lbs I'd like to see gone, and not that I'm devestated at where I'm at now, but there's just a laziness, and an abundance of "rewarding" myself. (Oh, it's naptime, I'll have a cookie and relax . . . Oh, now the kids are in bed I'll have a nice bowl of hot fudge with some ice cream on top--I mean ice cream with hot fudge on top . . . ) ;o) I was thinking a food journal would be a good thing to keep me accountable and was wondering how that had worked out for you ?

The Wilson's said...

I think I need the details for that trip, the price sounds too good to be true! And I wish I could diet... Everything I start to lose weight, I get excited and then crave ice cream!

Mike and Kirsten said...

I'm not sure if either of you will come back to see my comments back but here it goes ~

Janna-I ALWAYS think I deserve a 'treat.' We don't usually buy treat type food because it'll be gone so fast. Usually Mike either ends up taking it to work or he hides it and I have ask him to get me some when I want it. Weird, I know...but it works for me. Food diary was a bust for me! I obsessed WAY too much over my calories and planning what I was going to eat to maximize my calories and still be able to eat something sweet. But Beth has been using a type of food journal and it works great for her!!

Kristen-I sent you an email w/ trip details. I hear ya about starting to lose weight than craving sweets! "I lost 3 lbs so that justifies me having 6 cookies in one sitting." LOL!