Monday, May 31, 2010

sad on the east coast...

...but happy on the west coast because two very incredible people are headed that direction. Tim & Nikki are moving to California and Tim will continue working for the Park Police from the CA office. Tim & Mike went through much of their interview/selection process together for the USPP, then went to the academy together in Georgia and were neighbors in their dorm. Then Tim & Nikki moved here the same time Mike and I did. We've shared the last two Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Year's with them, enjoyed monthly potlucks, and shared many other fab experiences.
(Pimlico Horse Races - apparently Mike & I thought everyone in the picture was making funny faces like we were:) )
I really think it's understatement how much we will miss them both. They had a going-away bash last Tuesday night and when we were leaving, we left in silence with a few sniffles & tears, compliments of myself. I think I'm just really bad at goodbye's...I hate doing it and I get quite emotional about it. I think Mike was also quite sad because he went from talking everyone's ear off at the bar to practically complete silence on the way home. I'm sure there's some sort of 'Man Law'(Nikki will get that reference) that says he can't admit to being bummed about them leaving.

I ALWAYS look forward to hanging out with them. It's never a dull moment when we are together. I'm thrilled for them to be moving back to the west coast and am so grateful for meeting them. We wish them the very best and hope their journey to the west coast gets them there safe and sound.

The good news in all of this sad news ~ Their move just means we have a great reason to head to Cali to visit!! :)

P.S. We are car shopping today...wish us luck!

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