Tuesday, June 22, 2010

a little yoga here, a little yoga there

I would be no means say I'm a "yogi"(is that what those that practice Yoga call themselves?) but I did find a great Yoga DVD that I'd like to share with the blogging world. As you know I'm a Real Housewives junky ~ If you don't know Real Housewives, it's a reality show on Bravo that films these women's lives and how they interact with each other. They have four housewives shows that are set in different locations across the U.S. - Orange County, CA; New York; New Jersey; Atlanta. It's really quite funny and sometimes a little maddening to watch.

Anyway ~ Bethenny Frankel is from the NY show(one of my favorite housewives) and she is a chef, has published two books, and has a yoga DVD called Body By Bethenny. I'm currently reading her first book and it is definitely changing the way I perceive food and impacting how and what I eat. I've even lost some weight so it's making a pretty big impact on me.(you all know that I don't have the best eating habits). Her twists and ideas on salads make me crave and only want to eat salads. Obviously, I can't just eat salads but I think I've found a new love for salads and veggies. So I read some reviews online about the DVD and decided to order it.

I did the 40-minute Yoga section tonight after work and it was awesome. I wouldn't necessarily say I'm a beginner at Yoga and certainly am not advanced...I probably fall somewhere in between. It was easy to follow and modifications of the different poses were provided. Even if you've never tried Yoga before, I would definitely recommend this video. It exposes you to many of the yoga 'standards' but is incredibly challenging. I felt amazing after I completed it. There are also some nice little bonus features on the DVD too.

P.S. The names of her books are: 'Naturally Thin: Unleash Your Skinnygirl...' and 'The Skinnygirl Dish.' She also has some great info/recipes on her website ~ http://www.bethenny.com/

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Janna said...

I'll have to look into those books . . . I've got this 10 lbs that doesn't seem to want to go anywhere (I'm guessing it's a sugar issue, ahem!) I'm hoping to find away to get rid of the weight that doesn't involve giving up my nightly bowl of ice cream. ;o) Is there a chapter on that? ;o)

(and yes, I did have some 1/2 b-day love, I think it was because my mom always measured us on the door frame at both our b-day and 1/2 b-day and I couldn't wait to see how I had grown) ;o)