Wednesday, June 2, 2010

retiring a great pair of jeans and a NEW CAR!!!

I went to a movie on Monday night and I have quite a story to tell ~ First of all, you have to know I was by myself(I typically go to movies by myself and really quite enjoy it - try it sometime). I got to the theater early because I was going to watch Sex & the City 2 and it had just opened last week so I wasn't sure if there would be a crowd. I walked to the ticket-taker and my theater wasn't ready so she asked me to go to this roped-off line to stand behind two other women waiting for the show. Instead of walking the 10-feet around the rope to get in line, I squatted down and went under the rope. THEN...SSSPPPLLLIIITTTT...I knew immediately I had split my pants in the back. I stood against the wall and felt the split and it was huge. I really wish someone would have been there to laugh at the situation with me but instead I carried my square purse over my butt and acted like nothing happened. In my defense, I haven't gained weight(unless my booty has gained weight) but I did buy these jeans in college when "Silver" jeans were cool thing(maybe they are still cool today?). These were my go-to jeans that I put on whenever I need to run out of the house and want to be comfy. May they rest in peace!

We are officially the proud parents of a 2010 Mazda 3. :) After a long test drive, 4 hours spent at the dealership, debating the black interior (yellow dog hair and black don't mix well), pushing every button on the dash, trying out the hands-free phone feature(never had that before), signing more paperwork than I signed for my house, we drove away with our new car on Monday. Our first major purchase as hubby and wife.

Protege who?? I'd like to say I still miss my Mazda Protege but I think I've quickly moved on. The Protege was my first car that I purchased back in 2003 when my Geo Metro convertible(which my parents so graciously bought for me at age 16) hit the dust. It was my first major purchase as an adult(besides my college education) and I remember feeling so adult-like. We stayed in the Mazda family because, although the Protege died sooner than we hoped, it was a great car and I never had any problems. With the new car, my husband has already restricted what I can drink in the car to water and clear liquids. :) We are on the hunt for a fancy-dancy back-seat pet cover to hopefully reduce the dog hair accumulation.
Looking forward to many memories in our new vehicle. Here are a few photos of our new baby:

They say Mazda 3's are very 'happy' cars ~ Look at it smiling back at you. :)


Janna said...

That is quite the split Kirsten!!! Wish I could've been there--that's definitely an experience only made better when you have somebody to laugh with. ;o) Your new car is beautiful (and I take it you weren't into my public transportation idea?). ;o) Have a great day!

The Wilson's said...

Oh my, I would have totally laughed with you! Love the new car, but I do remember many trips in the Geo:)