Saturday, July 21, 2012

oh...the dogs!

I feel like it's always something with the dogs.  Let me recap the major events and then I'll explain what's happening today.

2010 ~ Boulevard has infected ears and we have to spend a chunk of change on medication.  Boulevard's ears = healed!

Spring 2011 ~ Boulevard eats some sort of rubber object and he has to have surgery.(surgery after he's already had 3 x-rays, numerous vet visits, numerous prescription, & an ultrasound)  I'm not even going to talk about the chunk of change it took for this event.
Boulevard's intestine = healed!

Summer 2011 ~ We get Ranger.  I feel that getting a third dog is quite an event and was an adjustment for all of us.

Fall 2011 ~ Ranger is diagnosed with Lupus.  He gets a cream put on his nose everyday and has to see the vet every 6 months or so.
Ranger's nose = as healed as it can be!

2011 ~ I identify a lump on Boulevard's chest.  It ends up being tested and isn't an issue.
Boulevard's lump = just a fatty mass!

June 2012 ~ Stuart has an infected eye.  Spent a reasonable amount of change to get his eye fixed.  But am told that he has a slow & irregular heart beat.
Stuart's eye = healed!
Stuart's heart = probably the same because I haven't done anything for it.

Now for the July 2012 event:  We are 99.9% certain that Boulevard as kennel cough, likely from the most recent boarding visit.  Ugh!  We are very regular and consistent about getting our dogs vaccinated, including the kennel cough vaccine.  But I have read that the vaccine doesn't necessarily keep the dog from getting kennel cough.  It's interesting timing since I'm interviewing another dog/house sitter today for some traveling we're doing throughout the rest of the year...guess it's even more of a reason to have a dog sitter instead of boarding the dogs at a kennel.

I'm waiting for the vet to call me to see if they can prescribe something without seeing Boulevard.  They should create a frequent vet visitor card or something for as often as we're there.

Guess I'll go work off some steam by running my 6 mile run today.  :)


Janna said...

Oh Kirsten--your doggies have been quite the investment!! Lupus?? Really?!? ;o)

Mike and Kirsten said...

Tell me about it!! A little pricey to have pets but they're our "kids" so I guess I can spend a little money on them. :) Yep - Lupus...I know - it's crazy and makes me laugh a little!! :)