Wednesday, July 25, 2012

rattle snake

I just said out loud to whoever may have been listening(Mike, pups, no one??...who knows!), "I wonder if I have any pictures to blog about."  So I grabbed the computer and started reviewing recent pictures and came across these.  Mike actually took these while he was working in a nearby area called Camel Tracks.  Mike said the rattle snake was about 3 1/2 feet long and was "sunning" to stay warm(in the first picture) but then coiled up...he/she never started rattling.  Whew!  I thought it was a very New Mexico'ish post for the blog.

Update on Boulevard - I took him to the vet on Monday and he was diagnosed with kennel cough and the flu.  He's on an antibiotic & a cough suppressant...hopefully he'll be feeling better soon.  So far it doesn't appear Ranger or Stuart are getting sick ~ thank goodness!

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