Monday, August 27, 2012

maybe you can help me understand...

Here are the facts ~

Going to the gym in the PM:
-a lot of driving traffic - takes me about 5-7 minutes longer to get to the gym in the pm
-gym is super duper hot(not sure what the problem is with their air conditioner)
-gym traffic(lots more people in the gym in the pm)
-have to periodically wait for the machines, dumbbells, or bar bells that I need
-get to sleep in until 6:30am instead of getting up at 5:24am to be at the gym by 6am
-don't get to be at the gym with the hubs
-don't have much motivation to get to the gym after a long day at work

Going to the gym in the AM:
-no driving traffic
-the gym is practically empty
-no waiting for gym equipment which means I can get through my workout faster
-gym is nice a cool in the morning from our cool Santa Fe nights
-have to wake up at 5:24am to have breakfast and get to the gym by 6am
-get to be at the gym with the hubs you can see, almost all signs point to going to the gym in the morning.  If that is the case, please help me understand why I can't get myself out of bed at 5:24am!!!  Honestly - What does an extra 66 minutes of sleep provide for me?

Ugh!  Obviously - you can tell this is a battle I fight often.  Any suggestions?  What works for you?

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Janna said...

I would have to say it is no contest--I would definitely aim for the early time (but then again I'm a morning person). But I guess, what time do you go to bed? And if that isn't the issue, one thing I do for myself when I really don't feel like running in the morning, I just start getting dressed to run, telling myself I'm just going to get ready. Then once I'm ready, I'm kind of like, "well, since I'm ready, I might as well run . . ." It kind of tricks me, and seriously, it works every time! You would think I would catch on by now . . . ;o)