Tuesday, October 7, 2014

support your National parks!

In early September, we took a trip to Moab, UT for a mountain bike trip on the White Rim trail.  You may recall that we did a similar trip in March of 2013 and you can refresh your memory by this post if you'd like.  I made it the entire 80'ish miles...and not to brag but Mike didn't even finish the last mile(which is a huge & long incline out of the canyon).  In his defense, he was having major knee issues but still, I felt like a rock star for making it the entire way!  I teared up at the end when I finished that last climb.

We drove up Sunday and spent Sunday afternoon in Arches National Park.  It was quite hot and I was astonished at how ill-prepared people were.  A 16 oz bottle of water isn't going to cut it folks.

Delicate Arch

 Windows Arch

 Double Arch

 And we descended into a rainy canyon(Canyonlands National Park) on Monday morning.

 Snack break - there were many, many snack breaks.

 The views are breath-taking!

 Suited up for a little rain.
 I mean...can you even stand this view - it's just incredible!

 We climbed down into a slot canyon from the trail and relaxed in the shade for a bit.

 Support your national parks...they are pretty amazing!

 Our tent, our view the first night!  After 3 nights of setting up and tearing down camp, I was about done with that task.  We have some incredible sleeping pads so our sleep wasn't too bad.

 God's creation.  Just spectacular!

 Mike was usually in front of me so I never got a lot of pictures of him riding - this was the last day when his knee was shot so it was more my pace. (for the record, his knee is back to normal)

 We took a break and hiked up to a historic Native American grainery.(on the left side of pic)  Again - spectacular!

That little blue dot is me climbing and climbing and climbing.  There are about 4-5 major climbs.  They are relatively short-lived but they are intense.  My tactic was to ride as far as could up the climb until I basically fell over or starting sliding, then I'd walk to spot I could get back on my bike, ride as far as I could and repeat until I collapsed at the top of the climb.

A fantastic trip!  I could do this trip every year and be happy.  It's painful at times but the rewards of scenery and accomplishment are priceless!

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