Friday, November 14, 2008


I have to be honest and tell you I don't drive very often anymore. I obviously don't have to drive to work and usually if I go somewhere Mike goes with me and he drives. Mike was required to work the G-20 Summit tonight and tomorrow so I decided to venture out and see how lost I could get in Laurel, MD. Turns out I didn't get lost at all AND I saw a gas price of $1.87 per gallon. WOW! Is that how cheap it is in the midwest?
I love reading everyone's comments on the blog...Thanks for posting your comments. I'm definitely into this blogging thing! I think I'll blame Mrs. Roach for this new addiction I have with blogging. :)
The latest, as of five minutes ago, in Kirsten's life is that I have a date! With Mike you ask??! Nope, my first 'girl date' since I've been in MD. Nicole(another officer's girlfriend) and I are going out for breakfast tomorrow since the guys have to work tomorrow all day. I'm excited for some girl time!
This week went so fast...Mike had Tuesday off due to Veteran's day so Mike and Taz(everyone has a nickname) played Play Station 3(Mike wishes it was our PS3 but it's Taz's) for about 4 hours. It was quite entertaining to listen to them from upstairs as I worked. They wrapped up the game playing when I got off work.
The other excitement of the week was that our toilet upstairs was leaking through the ceiling of the kitchen. I figured it would be a quick pipe change or something...not so much. So far, it's been about a 3 day task. They had to rip out about a 4 foot section of ceiling in our kitchen and in the kitchen of the townhome behind us. The toilet is now fixed and they just have to finish up the dry wall and paint. It's certainly nice to have people do that stuff for you when you live in a rental.
Hope all is well with everyone! Miss you all!

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