Wednesday, November 19, 2008

What's the moral of the story?

I'm not going to lie so I'm going to tell you that we just today turned on our furnace. The average temps around here during this time of year are 55 degrees however we are below normal and we've been waking up to 30's and it barely has been getting to the 40's. So, I decided that I was going turn on the heat because I was I turn it on and the vent was blowing cold air. Now I know that I haven't been in Nebraska for about a month now but I'm pretty sure furnaces are supposed to blow warm air. :)
So, once again, I get to call the maintenance people to get it fixed(this is once again a demonstration of the perks of renting) they get here within a couple hours and ask me when it stopped working. I said, "Well we just moved in mid-October and this is first time we are turning on the heat." I kid you not, he looked at me like I was on Mars. "You just turned on the heat?" he asked. I proceeded to tell him we just moved from Nebraska and that 40 degrees is not cold compared to Nebraska temps. He laughed and told his partner the story.
Moral of the story...I guess Nebraska toughens you up for some things. However I think we will eventually start to think 40 degrees is really cold and you will all from the midwest will laugh at us.

We have our first guests coming to visit tomorrow. Brad and Kat from Chadron are coming tomorrow and leaving Thanksgiving Day. It'll be fun to have guests and neither of them have been to DC so they have a lot of sight-seeing to do. AND they'll be here for Mike's graduation on the 25th so that's exciting too.


Braegan, Justin, and the Dogs said...
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Braegan, Justin, and the Dogs said...

Not sure how I managed to delete my comment, but I did! Anyway, HELLO! You should be pleased to know that, in reading your blog, I felt guilted into updating my own after three months. Be proud. I'm glad you've settled into DC life, I hope things are going really well. I think about you every day when I drive by your lonely house. :(