Wednesday, November 5, 2008

sissy bars are great...

I heard on the news before this last weekend the fall colors were supposed to be the best so Mike and I went on a motorcycle ride. We found some great roads and we ended up somewhere in Pennsylvania. The bike ride was about 4 hours which is the longest ride I've ever been on. I don't think I would have lastest but my wonderful fiance bought a sissy bar for the bike when he was in Georgia. It makes a world of difference when riding on the back of the bike.
This evening I went with Mike to switch over all his insurance stuff and I wish now that I wouldn't have gone. Do you realize how much more expensive insurance is out here? It's crazy!!
I can't believe the holiday's are coming so soon. I think we are spending Thanksgiving with Tim and Nicole(Mike's co-worker and his girlfriend). They live in the same apartment complex and they are not travelling anywhere for Thanksgiving either so we're going split up the dinner duties and hang with them.

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