Thursday, October 29, 2009

October is almost over already

Here's the happenings in October for the Carpenter family ~
Mid-October: We've been in Maryland for a year already...crazy how time flies!
October: It is amazingly beautiful out here during this time so Mike and I have been enjoying riding the motorcycle and enjoying the beauty of Fall.
October 18th: Celebrated our 1 month anniversary...well not really celebrated but recognized due to Mike reminding me. He even had to say "Do you know what today is?" After not catching on right away, he had to follow it up by saying "Remember what happened 30 days ago?" Then I remembered! ;)
October 25th: Marine Corps Marathon - I have been training for this marathon since the end of June or so and I decided about two weeks before the 25th that I wasn't going to run it. Surprisingly, it was a pretty emotional decision. In summary, I went on a 17 mile run about 3 weeks before the marathon and it was incredibly painful physically. I've battled IT Band issues on my left side, which causes pain in your knee, since about one month after I started training. The 17 mile run caused pain in my right side as well a result, I didn't want this to be the end of my running career so I decided, with many tears shed, that I wasn't going to run it. :( I did go and watch and it was AMAZING. 30,000 runners!! Phenomenal experience just to be a spectator!!
October 28th: Stuart's 2-year anniversary of his adoption. He certainly doesn't like to remember his days in the Humane Society as "Tyler." (what a silly name - Stuart is MUCH better!) We are grateful to have him in our family!!
October 30-31: To finish off the month, we are going on an overnight back-packing trip on the A.T. (Appalachian Trail) I've never been on an overnight back-packing experience but I'm excited to use my pack I bought this summer and I'm sure we'll come across many thru-hikers so it'll be fun to hear about their experiences.

I think that about sums it up. Shhhh...I'm off to sneak some of my belongings into Mike's pack without him knowing. :)

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Janna said...

Bummer on the marathon, but you're probably wise in the end. I know Josh's dad used to do half-marathons and had one that just did him in and he never really ran again. Hope you have fun camping . . . I know I will be enjoying my cozy SOFT bed. ;o)