Tuesday, July 13, 2010

does this sound familiar?

Mike was offered and subsequently accepted a job offer with the Bureau of Land Management(BLM) in Sante Fe, NM, also known as Mike's 'dream job.'
EXCEPT for one tiny little change??

Once again, you read that correctly...we are now headed to Santa Fe, NM! Mike had interviewed for this job around the same time he interviewed for the WY job but so much time had passed that we assumed someone else was offered the NM job. Boy were we wrong!! I won't bore you with all the details and our decision making process but he was offered the job this morning, I woke him up 4 hours earlier than normal so he could get the offer,(I originally took the call since Mike was sleeping) he made a bazillion phone calls to a bazillion different people, we chatted in the few breaks I had from meetings/work today, and he accepted the job this afternoon. Amazing how quickly the direction of your life can change!

I have two things to tell you:
1) We're both SO excited because this was our original hope as for places to move.
2) We're both TOTALLY bummed because the distance to both of our families just increased. (10 hrs to Mike's parents, 12.5 hrs to my family) We shouldn't complain because it's a lot closer than we are now but still dissappointed.

Other than that, I know nothing about Santa Fe compared to what I know about Rawlins. I'll be glued to the computer tonight and will report back soon.

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Janna said...

Goodness!!! You are adding much excitement and drama to my life. ;o) That's just crazy!