Tuesday, July 27, 2010

at my age, you don't get too many of these... :)

Let me set the stage for you:
I just got done running, hopped in the shower, pulled my wet hair back into a pony, applied no makeup, threw on what I like to call my house dress(sometimes I use it as a swimsuit cover-up too ~ it's just a cotton simple sundress) and was out the door to the grocery store because I am one HUNGRY chica. Needless to say, it was one of those times where you just hope you don't see anyone you know at the grocery store because you look a 'little out of sorts.'

I'm in the dairy section contemplating the cheese I'm going to get and a man comes up to me and says, "Might I be so bold? ~ but did I miss the beauty pageant?" I was thinking to myself who is this crazy man?. Then I got the message that he was paying me a compliment. Sweet! I said "Awww! Thanks~ that's very nice of you!" and he responded "You have my vote...you're very beautiful." I sort of did the 'talk as you walk' trick and said thanks again and was on my merry way. How nice, right?

Now ~ Let me set the rest of the stage for you. This man did not walk up to me but he electric wheel chaired(I think I just made up my own verb) up to me and he had to have been at least 80-85 years old. :) But I won't make excuses for him and say his eye sight could be poor or from his angle maybe I look better or maybe he just wanted to chat with someone (HA!)...nope!...I will take the compliment and think that WAS pretty bold of you sir but very nice. Us women deserve to be paid a compliment every once in a while...whether from strangers or our loved one's. :)

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The Wilson's said...

aww, that would have made my day too!