Friday, July 23, 2010

Thursday Night Knitting Club

Well ~ it's not really called that but I did learn how to knit last night and last night was Thursday. Adena, Kate, Allison, and I got together last night for some Big Brother watching, beverage drinking, and knitting lessons from Allison. I learned how to cast on, knit, and pearl. I'm not sure if I totally understand it yet because everytime I thought I had messed up, I handed my project to Allison and she fixed it for me...but it was lots of fun. I probably should practice this weekend before I forget everything. On that note, I better write down my "saying" for each step. I felt I did better when I repeated my saying as I did each step.

Cast on ~> under, over, through the middle
Knit ~> through the back, around the needle, pull through, ditch the stitch
Pearl ~> through the front, around the needle, pull through, ditch the stitch

Now I have it all writen in a place so I won't lose it.


Janna said...

I taught myself to knit with the intentions of learning a new hobby--I got about six inches of a scarf done . . . I still want to do it, but haven't had the time to really hone my skill. ;o)Maybe in 20 years or so . . .

Nikki said...

Don't forget to work with the yarn in the front when you're purling :)