Saturday, July 10, 2010

so much to do in so little time

After a little additional thought, we decided to push Mike's start date to September 7th to give us a little more time to get things ready to move. Besides the obvious, there are a few things we want to get done before move.

Most critical ~ Finding a place to live in Rawlins. We hope to go on a 'house hunting' trip in the next couple weeks to see what we can find. We've found a potential rental apartment/townhouse complex and have found many potential houses to buy. Guess we'll see what happens when we go visit.

Second on the list ~ Going on a quick trip to Ocean City, MD to have an early celebration of our 1st anniversary. Since I doubt we will be able to get back to OC (the place we were married) for awhile due to our move, I want to ensure we go back.

Third on the list ~ We haven't been to Gettysburg yet so I hope we can take day to visit.

Fourth on the list ~ When we were in Charleston this last February, I bought a National Parks passport. As you visit different national parks, you can get your passport stamped to show where you've been and when you were there. I know - kinda nerdy. So - I need to get my passport stamped up with all the monuments and parks out here.

And, of course, enjoying the friendships we've made out here...goodbye's are always a little tough for me.

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Janna said...

You've got a lot to do--glad you have a bit more time to do it. And I think the national parks pass sounds cool. ;o)