Saturday, March 26, 2011

He had a friend over without asking first

Boulevard typically likes people and other dogs. Stuart typically likes people but is normally less than impressed with other dogs.
To set the stage ~ Both of our next door neighbors have little, yappy dogs(similar to Stuart) and Stuart doesn't mind voicing(er...barking) his concern over this fact through the fence. Boulevard will bark occasionally if Stuart gets him wound up but normally he's not a barker. And the little guys on the other side of the fence, bark back at Stuart. It's really to the point that I try to let our dogs out at different times than our neighbors because all the barking makes me a little nuts. Well when they really get wound up, they start pawing at the ground right by the fence(keep in mind that the yards are all dirt right now) and unfortunately, this pawing has caused a hole under the fence.

Well a week or so ago, Boulevard was outside by himself and it appeared as though he was chasing or playing with something. I looked and it was one of our neighbors tiny dogs...he had squeezed his way through the hole under the fence. There is nothing to fear about Boulevard even though he is 90 lbs but he does tend to throw himself around like he is 10 lbs when he gets really excited. I watched for about 20 seconds and Boulevard would sniff at the little dog, the little dog would bark back giving him a piece of his mind, and Boulevard would jump around was quite comical really.
Eventually I went out and grabbed the little guy and passed him back to his owner on the other side of the fence. Poor thing, if I was confronted with such a monstrous dog in comparison to myself, I think I'd be traumatized too. Guess that little guy learned his lesson to stay in his own backyard. I sort of wonder what Stuart would have done if he would have been in the back yard too. :)

Boulevard-The next time you want a friend over, please ask permission! :)

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