Monday, March 21, 2011

an invitation for you

If you recall, I have a goal to run two half-marathon's this year. After the one in Vegas, you would have thought I'd given up on that goal, but I HAVEN'T!!

Anne and I have a tentative agreement to run a half-marathon on September 18th here in Santa Fe, NM. This is an invitation to all of YOU as well...have you ever wanted to run a half or maybe have and would like to do another? I invite you to join us!! Although we are at 7,000 ft, the race appears to be mostly down-hill(trust me, I scoped out the elevation changes first). You are welcome to stay with us too. I suppose I should clarify this invitation is for all the readers I actually personally know -- I'm not sure I want a complete stranger in my house. :)

So - check it out. I'm telling you early so you have no excuse! You have plenty of time to train.

On that note, we certainly would love some visitors this spring/summer to share our love of Santa Fe. If you are planning a trip in our direction, please stop by. Or Santa Fe has much to offer so start planning your trip here!! Just be warned ~ you may not want to leave once you see this place. It truly is amazingly beautiful and the Land of Enchantment!!

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Janna said...

First of all congrats on finishing the Las Vegas 1/2--that sounded brutal!! You should be so proud of yourself for that time on a hard course! And 2nd thank you for your encouraging words about moving--and if sometime we do find ourselves heading southwest we will definitely look you up! I have been scoping out possible excursions on that side of America. ;o) And lastly, while I don't think I'll be able to do a 1/2 marathon with you this year that would be very fun some year!! But uh, yeah, not a fan of inclines--research that thoroughly. ;o) Take care!