Tuesday, March 29, 2011

poor poor Bouley

Boulevard has been sick since Saturday. :( He ate breakfast Saturday morning, and hour later he threw up 6 times, I started crying my eyes out, then pulled myself together, then called the vet, and they were able to fit me in. Took him to the vet and she does an exam and everything seems ok...and of course, the car ride got Boulevard so excited that he was acting fairly normal at the doctor's. She said put him on a bland diet(chicken & rice) and see if he flushes himself out over the weekend. Got home from the vet and Boulevard started vomiting again. Luckily, I could usually tell when he was going to throw up so much of it happened outside. We put him in our bathroom(tile floor=easy clean up) Saturday night and he threw up all over the bathroom. Mike put him back in the bathroom because I was still in bed when he left for work, and Blvd vomited all over the bathroom again. UGH!! Same story for Sunday -- vomit, vomit, etc, etc. Mike took him to the vet Monday morning and Blvd stayed at the vet all day. They did two X-rays to determine if there was blockage and also had him take this 'barium' liquid so they could see it passing through his system via the X-ray. Picked him up from the vet(I couldn't even go in w/ Mike because I was, of course, crying and couldn't pull it together) AND no vomiting Monday night. Had to take him back to the vet this morning for a 3rd X-ray to ensure the barium had passed through and it had. She said to nurse him back to health and keep with the bland diet. Well - we had another vomit session after the vet this morning and none since. But he won't eat. Poor thing!! So I believe Boulevard has now christened our office, master bath, kitchen, entry way, living room, and stairs with his vomit. Disgusting!! Good thing Mike is a professional with the carpet cleaner...not really sure how we could live without that cleaner. And I won't even mention the cost of all this. Let's hope Boulevard starts getting better asap.


Janna said...

Oh that sounds terrible!! Poor little doggie--and yes carpet cleaners are life savers! We in fact had to pull ours out this weekend for a similar situation--of the child variety. ;o) Hope he's over the worst of it.

Beth said...

Good grief, that is worse than a vomiting child! Thank heaven that both of our kids know that the toilet is for vomiting. Also, thank heaven Max dry-heaves about 20 times before he actually vomits and he high-tails it to the nearest door to let us knkow we better get his butt outside if we don't wanna clean the carpet. Nickel on the other hand, usually just ralphs up water because he has to drink the whole bowl in one session! Hope "Bouley" is feeling better and didn't give anything to "Stu"!