Thursday, March 31, 2011

Would you like the good news or the bad news?

More Boulevard ~~>> He hasn't vomited since Tuesday...YAY! However he has got a terrible case of the 'runs,' if you know what I mean. Unfortunately this mess graced our guest bathroom upstairs(that's where Bouley's been sleeping) last night and more unfortunately, I noticed there was blood in it as I was cleaning it up. Another call to the vet...headed back this afternoon to get bloodwork taken and determine if he has pancreatitis. The good news = No pancreatitis! Thank goodness. After the vet told me the possibility of pancreatitis this morning, I was doing a little self-education in between my bouts of tears. The bad news = We don't really know what's wrong but Blvd will be well medicated. One med for the blood in the stool, one med for the liquid stool, and one med to stimulate his appetite. Hopefully he'll take a turn for the better soon. And I hate to complain about the cost because he's worth every penny...but holy moly, this is expensive. Dog insurance is looking to be a better and better investment these days, especially since Blvd isn't get any younger. If anyone knows anything about dog health insurance, I'd be very interested to hear what you know.

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